Sherry Wlezien, CEO, Brand Connections, Chicago, ILL 

I am a busy professional, and I do not have a lot of time to spend on researching all of my insurance options.  The Mitchell Pomper Agency made it easy for me to package all of my insurance with one company, and he made switching from my old carrier easy and painless.  They are super thorough, and I always recommend them to anybody needing insurance advice or information.

James A Shapiro, Chicago, ILL

When my insurance company raised my rates by over $400, Mitchell was able to find another carrier that was $500 less.  I don’t like overpaying for my insurance, and now I don’t have to.

Bob Fine, Medical Association Director, Chicago, ILL
I wanted to get a better deal on my car and condo insurance.  Mitchell researched my options, and found an A+ carrier that had better coverages, with a total lower cost.  I couldn’t ask for anything better, and I am glad I made the call to his insurance agency.

Kurt Muller, Principal, Muller Firm, Ltd, Chicago, ILL
I’ve known Mitchell over thirty years.  My divorce law practice is time consuming, and I don’t have time to research all of the insurance policies I carry.  I just want to make sure I am getting a fair price, and I am covered correctly.   The Mitchell Pomper Agency handles my personal and business insurance, and they provide top quality service.

Michael Kauf, ChicagoLand Chiropractic, Chicago, ILL

I am a chiropractor with three offices in the Chicago area.  I have very complex insurance needs.  Mitchell was able to package my personal insurance, as well as my business and workers compensation insurance into a very affordable package.  I recommend them highly.

John Healy, Police Officer, Chicago, ILL
The Mitchell Pomper Agency saved me over $300 on my car, home and umbrella
insurance.  They get the job done.

TK Barnhart, Investment Professional, Elmhurst, ILL

When we had a little fender bender recently, Mitchell helped the claims process perfectly, we didn’t have to do anything.  He even arranged our car to be towed to the body shop, so we didn’t have to drive it in.  I thought that was great service.  You never really know how good your agent, or insurance company is, until you have a problem, and now I verified I have both!!

Benjamin Kailin, Attorney, Chicago, ILL
I thought GEICO would be the best rate on my car insurance.  The Mitchell Pomper Agency found me insurance coverage at a slightly lower cost, but with much more personal service.  I appreciate having a real person to call when I have an insurance problem.

Scott Freeman, President Simple Distributors (office supplies), Chicago, ILL
To me, the most important feature in an insurance agent is getting quick answers and service.  When you call the Mitchell Pomper Agency, he ALWAYS picks up the phone to give me the service I need.  I don’t even shop my insurance, because I know that my agent does it for me.

Esther Chang, Attorney, Baker & McKenzie, Chicago, ILL
I was able to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance over my State Farm policy.  I am glad to be insured with an independent agency that can find me the best deal.  Thank you again.

Michael Ward, Mortgage Broker, Chicago, ILL
As a mortgage broker with Guaranteed Rate, when my customers need a good insurance agent (and I want to make sure they close on their property), I refer them to the Mitchell Pomper Agency.  I’ve been working with Mitchell for many years, and find him extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  He will find my customers the best pricing on insurance, which helps me close their mortgage.

Ian Berliner, Attorney at Pissetsky & Berliner, Chicago, ILL
I appreciated their very fast and efficient service for helping me get the best deal on my car and condo insurance.  I am a busy lawyer, and Mitchell Pomper made it easy to do business with.  I also liked the fact that even though Mitchell does not practice law, he also is a licensed attorney, which made me feel a lot more comfortable that I was dealing with a smart guy.

Mark Miketinac, Contractor, Crown Point, IN

Mitchell saved me over $400 on insurance for my apartment building in Indiana.  Saving $35 monthly on my insurance was a big deal to me.

Alex Mazer, Marketing, President of Bird Dog Group, Chicago, ILL
Low prices on car and renters insurance, and great service too!  I was new to Chicago, the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and I needed to transfer my car insurance from out of state.  I called several local agents for an insurance quote, and several didn’t even return my calls until a day or two later.  When I called the Mitchell Pomper Agency, they picked up the phone right away, and they were able to find me a really good deal on car and renters insurance.  I saved money, and the coverage was better than the other agents I checked with.  I am very happy with their insurance services, and would recommend them highly!

Dr Matthew Enzer, Chesterton, IN
When I got my insurance renewal from State Farm, and saw the cost, I called the Mitchell Pomper Agency.  He saved me almost $1,000 on my insurance.  They do a nice job.

Karri Ellis, Student, Chicago, IL
Thank you Mitchell for getting me a great deal on my car and renters insurance.  What a relief this is off of my ‘to do list.’

Bill Mann, Applied Information Mngt (Computer Consultant), Schaumburg, ILL
Great Service—Low Prices!!  I wanted to get a better deal on my home and car insurance.  I was insured with a big captive insurance agency for many years, but they kept raising the rates, even though I didn’t make any claims.  The Mitchell Pomper Agency researched several insurance carriers and found me a much better deal.  I was able to package my car, house and umbrella with one really good carrier, and I saved over $30 monthly!!

James C Wasson, Corporate Travel Professional, Darien, ILL
For all of my insurance needs, I use the Mitchell Pomper Agency.  These guys rock!!

Agnes Lee, Chicago, ILL
Even though Mitchell is my son, I have to say he is a really good insurance agent!  It’s ok, if I say that, right?

Lucie Habina, Real Estate Director, Chicago, ILL.
I thought I was over paying for my condo insurance, so I called the Mitchell Pomper Agency. They priced my insurance with several carriers, and they found me an A+ rated carrier, with better coverages, and I saved money too. I couldn’t be happier with their services.

Matthew Campobasso, Attorney, Freeborn & Peters, Arlington Hts, ILL

My former agent and insurance company never did anything but raise my price.  I finally decided I had enough of that, and contacted Mitchell Pomper.   He packaged all of my insurance into one convenient policy, and saved me several hundred dollars too.   I would certainly recommend them highly.

Susan Henry, Forensic Accountant, Chicago, ILL
I recently obtained an individual health insurance policy with Blue Cross through the Mitchell Pomper Agency, and am delighted with it!  I thought it would be very hard, tricky, and expensive to obtain.  Mitchell made the process very easy for me at a very reasonable cost  In addition, I obtained general liability insurance for both my company and an organization that I am treasurer for.  Mitchell provided very affordable insurance for both entities, and again made the process simple.  I am in the process of reviewing all of my other insurance policies (home, auto, etc.) for Mitchell to review.  It’s great to have a live person like Mitchell to handle all of the complexities of insurance.  I highly recommend looking to Mitchell for your insurance needs.

Matthew Johnson, Engineer, Oconomowoc, WI
Even though I live in Wisconsin, I have used Mitchell Pomper for my car, home, boat, and life insurance for almost fifteen years.  If there is a way to save money on my insurance, he will find it.  I am very happy with their service.

Chad Firsel, President, Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Oak Brook, ILL
I’ve been getting my insurance through Mitchell Pomper about 14 years now.  When I need something from them, I get it quick.  He returns calls, e-mails, quickly and efficiently.  I’m too busy to play phone tag and to follow up on loose ends with my insurance.

Jennifer Girard, Jai Girard Photography & Video, Chicago, IL

I am a professional photographer, and I need a variety of insurance policies for my business.  I just want to make sure my business is covered correctly, and I pay a fair price.  The Mitchell Pomper Agency packaged my general liability, business contents, and inland marine coverage in one comprehensive and low cost policy.   If you want to save $$ and time, call Mitchell.

Roger Lumpp, Hospitality Manager, Chicago, ILL
I am the President of a large Condo Association.  The Board decided to shop the insurance, and ultimately we were able to get a much better policy with the Mitchell Pomper Agency.  We saved several thousand dollars annually, as well as covering the building for a lot more than we had before.  Mitchell walked me through the process thoroughly to make sure everything in our building was covered correctly.  I also use Mitchell for my car and condo insurance, and he saved me $$ on that too.

William Boone, Management Consultant, Chicago, ILL
Mitchell Pomper has been handing my insurance almost fifteen years now.  I know they are always looking out for my best interests, and I appreciate having a knowledgeable and hard working insurance agent.

Allison Swartz, Client Services, Marsh McClennan Insurance, Chicago, ILL
I was shocked to find out that Mitchell could save me over $1,000 on my car, condo, and umbrella insurance.  It didn’t take long to figure out who to do business with.  Thank you.

Michael Schwartz, CEO, Corner Dental, Ann Arbor, MI
Car and home insurance is a lot costlier in Michigan.  When I moved from Ohio to Michigan, Mitchell was able to find a really good Michigan insurer to give me the best deal possible.  He made it easy to switch insurance to my new home.  I’ve been working with Mitchell Pomper over 10 years, and am happy to be doing so.

Ryan Patterson, Private Investor, Chicago, ILL
I’ve been working with Mitchell Pomper for all of my insurance needs since 2001.  I know that when I need insurance, he will find me the very best deal, and he is very quick and efficient.  When you call his agency, you don’t get tossed around to an inexperienced person.  Mitchell, as well as his staff and office assistant, are there to help get your insurance issues resolved.  The fact that he save me $$ too doesn’t hurt!!

Christopher Mundy, Real Estate Broker, @Properties, Chicago, ILL

I am a busy real estate broker with @Properties, in Chicago.  When my customers need home, condo, or renters insurance, I refer them to the Mitchell Pomper Agency.  I know that he will find my customers a good deal, which make me look good.  That’s why my own insurance is with them too.

David Schaffer, Attorney, Chicago, ILL

I am always very impressed with the service and knowledge at the Mitchell Pomper Agency.  As a contract and litigation attorney, I appreciate the thoroughness of their insurance services.

William Wenthen, Real Estate Broker (Principal), WDW Properties, Chicago, ILL
Mitchell is great at handling a variety of my insurance needs.  When I wanted to find better coverages and a lower cost on my rental three flat, Mitchell found me a great deal which saved me several hundred dollars.  When I have a customer that needs home or condo insurance for a closing, I refer them to the Mitchell Pomper Agency, since I know he’ll find a good deal for them.  I just want a fair price, and great service, and I get that from them.  Thank you.